KETI 모비우스 국제 개발자 대회

What is 2023 International oneM2M Hackathon?

The 3rd international hackathon to promote oneM2M to global developers community with oneM2M open source platforms (e.g. Mobius). Since this is the international hackathon, the event will run online for about two months.

Participants will be provided with development kits worth approximately KRW 400K, and will receive consulting support from professional researchers. In addition, a total of KRW 12 million in prize money will be awarded.

There are no eligibility restrictions to apply, and applications are open until March 27th (Mon), so we encourage you to apply as much as possible before the deadline.

Upcoming schedule overview

  • 3. 15 (Wed)
    ~ 3. 27 (Mon)

    Application Period

  • 3.29 (Wed)

    Application Review

  • 3.30 (Thur)

    Result announcement

  • 4. 3 (Mon)

    Kick off meeting

※ The above schedule is subject to change.